Krishna Tissues PVT. Invites you To paperx

Welcome to Krishna Tissues PVT.

From small paper trading business to making a paperboard industry is not an easy task. Running the factory smoothly is even harder. But a man with a vision, and supported by his sons, made the mission accomplished. Even though we have not formally introduced ourselves, but you know us. We are almost everywhere with you,  in your every  day life. From  morning,

the time of taking the toothpaste box, to night, when you take the medicine, you come across us in various ways. Our paper Boards are used in various product boxes, medicine boxes, and almost all purpose of packaging.

Why Krishna Tissues ?

We believe that the development of employees is not just about acquiring skills to solve specific problems, but also about addressing larger challenges and expanding perspectives. KTPL is a place where we're free to explore and are encouraged to voice new ideas. This is what distinguishes us from the rest and inspires us to Excel, Innovate and Lead.

At KTPL, we practice humanistic management giving people the freedom to work well, to grow and earn their rewards. Through people oriented management we have created a performance oriented organization.

Our Vision

To Provide 100% Eco-Friendly Solutions for Packaging Industry 

Our Guiding Philosophy

Krishna essentially is a ‘Customer Centric’ organization which has always puts its customer in the centre of all its decisions. A lot of emphasis is laid down on our product development, quality improvement and cost-cutting methods thus providing to its clients economical quality product with brilliant results.